a little background

I have been repairing small engines and related equipment for over 25 years.  I hold certifications from Rutgers University for small engine repair, Advanced small engine repair, and 2 cycle equipment maintenance and repair. I have been an active volunteer firefighter for over 25 years.  I grew up in Nutley, NJ and currently live in Rockaway.  I have a full-time job M-F 7am-4pm. My job requires me to be there for snow removal in the winter and occasional overtime in the other seasons.  After the storm is over I am immediately back to repairing customers equipment. I founded Mike K Services because many of my neighbors, family, and friends were always looking for a reliable and affordable person to service their small engine equipment.  Most of them found out the hard way that local small engine repair shops charge way to much or the service they received was very displeasing. I was tired of hearing the horror stories from people using these shops; so Mike K Services became a great opportunity for me to make some extra money, and a much needed way for everyone to get great service at a fair price for all of their small engine equipment.


MIKE K. SERVICES knows you need your lawnmower or generator to start when you need it the most.  It is not just a tool that sits in the garage and collects dust, it is hard working, just like you.


Your small engine equipment lets you complete essential daily activities such as maintaining your yard, cutting down trees, and supplying emergency power when you need it the most. You depend on it, so it’s important your generator, lawnmower, snowblower, or weed whacker receives quality repairs and service.


When you get your equipment serviced by MIKE K. SERVICES, you can be absolute certain that your item is trouble-free so you can have peace of mind knowing that when you go to start it up, it performs the way it should the first time, and every time.

Come and see for yourself. When Mike K. Services  works on your small engine equipment for maintenance or repair, you will be treated with respect and dignity.  No need to worry about  unnecessary expenses or long turn around times. The job gets done right the first time.  I do not try to sell you unnecessary items or unneeded parts.  I am a firm believer if something isn't broke, do not try to fix it.  No repair work will be performed without prior authorization.  You will be informed of the status of your machine every step of the way, via email, text messaging, or phone; whichever method you prefer.  PICK UP AND DELIVERY IS AVAILABLE TO ROCKAWAY TOWNSHIP AND ROCKAWAY BOROUGH RESIDENTS ONLY FOR A $60 FEE.

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